Grow local, Brew local, Drink local. Great beers should be distributed on the backs of their followers, not on the trucks of distributors. Three Angels Brewing is a nano scale operation, focusing on the production and development of brews utilizing predominantly locally grown inputs. Economics is an after thought, Quality is a requirement, and Excellence is determined and awarded by consumers, not judges.

  • Sustainability & Reuse

    Sustainability & Reuse

    At Three Angels Brewing we lead by our actions not our words. Sustainability and reuse is a way of life for us at our brewery.

    The circle of change that perpetuates our earth is one we respect by making decisions for our brewery based on the fosterage of all things that bring renewed life and energy into our environment.

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  • Brew Local, Drink Local

    We firmly believe that doing things on the local level should be one of the most important facets and responsibilities of any business.

    We are committed to harvesting the quality ingredients that goes into our craft locally and brewing the beer that we create locally, with our own hands.

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    Brew Local, Drink Local
  • Life, Beer, & Beyond

    Life, Beer, & Beyond

    Great music should be experienced with great beer and great beer should be enjoyed while listening to great music.

    Our partnership with Rogue Barrister will always exist to make sure that one does not exist without the other.

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What’s New At The Brewery

Three Angels Brewing is currently gearing up for another Summer Solstice. Presented by Rogue Barrister Records along with the City of Yorkville, this years event is expanding to include several of the unique bars and restaurants located in downtown Yorkville !!

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The Journey is the Prize

Three unlikely characters, with an unlikely motive, joined together in one seem-less journey, a common pursuit of all things great.

Barrels of Joy
Barrels of Joy
The process that goes into each and every craft brew we create is one that begins with the premise that making greatness is what matters.
What it is Matters
What it is Matters
We make painstaking choices about the ingredients we put into our brews and you can taste it down to every last drop.