Our Philosophy at Three Angels

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Three Angels Our Philosophy

From Three Angels Official Brewmaster Jason Leslie: “Born the son of a depression era child, “waste not want not” is at the core of my being. Today, unlike the pioneer years of craft in the early 1980’s, anyone can go out and buy a “micro” or “nano” brewhouse. There is an entire industry dedicated to exploiting the dream of aspiring brewers. Simply call up, place your order, and wait in line with all of the other aspiring brewers. In my entire 17 years as a “home-brewer” I refused to pay money for the gimicry offered up in every local brew store or brew “rag” publication. New Belgium didn’t place an order for their system in the early 80’s. They searched the grounds of local defunct dairies which had been gobbled up or closed down by the newly emerging billion dollar dairy conglomerates. So would we!”