The Story Of The Barn

Like Alice In Wonderland

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From Official Brewmaster Jason Leslie aka Dr. Zarconigus: “When our first choice for the brewery was denied by the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) most people would have quit there. Honestly, it was tempting. This is where the hatter (Pat Harbour )stepped in. Pat , a good friend and mentor ( not to mention a World class contractor), stepped up and said “hey boys, why don’t you come down on the farm and do your thing.” He said we could build the brewery in his circa 1850’s barn. This thing was rougher than a cob, pun intended. I mean it was structurally sound and all, but it was a barn from the 1850’s for God’s sake.

Shifting into overdrive, while Pat put some world-class tradesmen to the task, The Rogue and I sat back in amazement as the barn transformed into a state of the art dreamland for an aspiring brewer. A complete water treatment system sat right next to the variable frequency drives that would power the sanitary pumps for the system! The dream took shape, all guided by the invisible hand of an architectural genius, the hatter. Like Alice in Wonderland Boyd (aka The Rogue) and I sat back in amazement. That is why I coined Mr. Harbour the hatter, with a small h because a single man of this capability doesn’t need a capital letter to preface his introduction!

The amazement on the face of each person when we give tours of the facility is priceless. “You really did license and construct a fully functional brewery in a barn from the 1850’s ?” Yes we did, but that is just the start of this amazing journey. It’s how we built the “system” and from what that begins to fill in the enormity of the undertaking.